Art Fond is a progressive platform for the systematic creation and appraisal of Central European contemporary art.

Under the supervision of respected experts it has acquired artworks of key Slovak and Czech artists who, from the 1960s, have left unmistakable and inerasable traces in the history of visual art. During the era of Normalization, after being cast out from the official art world, many of these artists were active on the unofficial – alternative scene. Their metaphorical thinking and unconventional imagination aided them in polemically reflecting an uneasy social situation and their works became suggestive evidence of the turbulent transformations of this period.  

After 1989, they were able to develop their artworks in an open society and in wider context. The progressive creative efforts of selected artists have increasingly gained recognition at home and abroad. This is demonstrated by the burgeoning interest of prestigious international institutions, galleries and collections striving to re-evaluate the mainstream of art history.